Cuba Travel Insurance

Cuba Travel Insurance

Cuba travel insurance is required for travelers to Cuba for entry into Cuba, effective May 1, 2010. Such travel medical insurance must cover medical emergencies, repatriation of remains and emergency medical evacuation. In order to get visa to Cuba, you will be required to provide the proof of travel insurance for Cuba. When you arrive at the airport or seaport, you will be asked for the proof of such insurance.

From the 1960s, U.S. citizens have been restricted from traveling to Cuba due to the Trading With Enemy Act. However, effective January 14, 2011, some of the travel restrictions have been reduced. Education travel would be allowed under "purposeful travel". Additionally, licensed academic exchanges would be allowed to permit students to travel to Cuba provided students received credit toward their undergraduate or graduate degree. Also, academic institutions would be allowed to sponsor and co-sponsor seminars, conferences and workshops in Cuba and all those affiliated with an institution (student, faculty and staff ) would be able to attend.

Regular U.S. tourists and other travelers must receive a travel license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Treasury Department before they are able to travel to Cuba. It is extremely important that you follow the legal procedures in order to get travel medical insurance coverage for your travel to Cuba.

Due to the trade embargo, no medical facility in Cuba will accept U.S.-based insurance cards, credit cards, or check. Therefore, the medical services must be paid for in cash. If you need medical services, you should be prepared to pay out of pocket and file for reimbursement by submitting the receipts and the claim form. However, for an emergency medical evacuation that would potentially cost a lot of money and you may not have that much cash in hand, the insurance company can arrange for the evacuation through a network of carriers outside of the United States who would be able to service an insured accordingly.

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